In your opinion, outside of investment performance, what presents the biggest opportunity for funds to improve overall outcomes for members?
 Streamlining / automating processes
 Reducing operating cost
 Outsourcing services to third party providers
 Product and services innovation
 Member advice and education
 Digital member touchpoints
 Improved member transparency
 Risk and governance
 Other (please specify)
How much is your organisation planning to invest to improve member outcomes?
 Significantly decrease our current investment
 Slightly decrease our investment
 Maintain our current investment
 Slightly increase our investment
 Significantly increase our investment
What are the top 3 areas your organisation is addressing to improve operating efficiencies?
Select all top 3 in order of priority.
 Streamlining processes
 Outsourcing services – administration, technology, investment
 Operational performance - oversight and reporting
 Technology replacement / upgrades
 Reducing marketing / sponsorship spend
 None – my fund is not focused on cost
 Other (please specify)
What sector does your fund operate in?

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