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Imagine if a half-acre farm could feed 40 people a day.

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  • Food

    The rain gardens and swales lining the perimeter of the site at 18Broadway will provide a unique opportunity to harvest and redirect rainwater for irrigation of a community garden.

    The demonstration area at the northwest corner of the site serves to educate visitors on a variety of home gardening techniques. The production area on the rest of the site is devoted to intensive high-production gardening. The produce harvested from the gardens is donated to Harvesters Community Food Network of Kansas City.




    The 12- by 4-foot raised beds will be tended by volunteers and produce will be donated to Harvesters Community Food Network. The beds will be planted with successive single crops from spring through late summer. For example, one bed may be sown with lettuce in the spring and harvested in time to plant tomatoes in late May.

    Volunteer Community Gardens


  • Demonstration Gardens

    The demonstration garden area near the Broadway Court encourage visitors to consider the benefits of growing some of their own fruits and vegetables, and show them different ways they might approach this.

    For example, one area features in-ground gardening and another features raised beds. One bed might be planted with a single crop and another with several crops to help people understand the level of production they might expect with each approach. The site also features free-standing containers to show it’s possible to grow vegetables or herbs—or even miniature fruit trees—in a limited space, such as a patio or balcony.

    Rain Gardens