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The sun beams to earth more energy every hour thAn the whole world uses in one year.

Source: National Geographic
Photovoltaic Panel



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    One goal of 18Broadway is to create a net-zero energy use site. One way we plan to achieve this is through grid-tied, on-site power generation. In a year’s time, we expect on-site power generation to replace energy consumption to run the irrigation pump and sidewalk LED lighting. A system that puts power back to the electrical grid provides more functionality and eliminates the need for battery storage maintenance.




    Irrigation of the community gardens will require about 1 inch of water per three-week drought. Electric pumps will supply water from a cistern located below the lowermost rain garden up to a series of hydrants distributed throughout the garden. Approximately 180 square feet of photovoltaic solar panels will be needed to offset the power required to pump water during the day.

    When the water pumps are not in operation, the array can produce enough power to charge an electric car. Future phases of 18Broadway may include an electric charging station as well as other alternative energy resources. As demand increases for electric charging stations, the photovoltaic array can be expanded to meet this need.Solar Array



    Wind turbines generally fall into two types of categories: horizontal axis and vertical axis. Horizontal axis turbines are the most recognized with propeller blades that rotate around a center shaft. They are most efficient in straight-line wind conditions. Vertical axis turbines have their rotating shaft oriented vertically and are known to date back to 200 BC. Vertical axis turbines are most efficient in variable wind direction locations.


    Kansas City has a very successful curbside recycling program, but glass is excluded and remains one of the most difficult consumer materials to recycle. A new company called Ripple Glass is providing a great solution by partnering with local manufacturing companies to recycle glass into fiberglass insulation. 18Broadway will host one of Ripple Glass's containers and will provide a conveinent drop-off location for downtown Kansas City and the Crossroads District.

    Glass recycling

    BigBellySolar compactors use the sun's energy to compact trash at the point of disposal, dramatically increasing capacity by five times within the same footprint as ordinary receptacles. Increased capacity reduces collection trips and can cut related fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent.