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  • In the fall of 2008, DST Systems decided it wanted to do something special with a block of land located in downtown Kansas City’s Crossroads District, at 18th and Broadway. The initial conversation started with the idea of creating a series of rain gardens in the spirit of Kansas City’s 10,000 Rain Gardens initiative. It would be a place where people could come to see rain gardens in action, and learn how to build and plant a rain garden at home.

    DST met with planners and designers at 360 Architecture. As the conversation evolved, so did the flow of ideas and the notion that this site could serve as an environmental showcase and demostration project. It could embrace what it means to live “green” in the context of how we dwell.

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  • 18Broadway encompasses the wider notion of our stewardship of the environment. It will showcase and combine in one location best practices for water, food, shelter and energy, demonstrating the possibilities of conservation and sustainability we can all recognize and practice daily. In the process it will focus on the relationships and interdependence of systems in the context of city and regional development aspirations.

    As a demonstration project, 18Broadway has far-reaching implications. It will further goals already recognized by the city in the area of stormwater management, as outlined in the Water Department’s Overflow Control Program. Perhaps most importantly, it will be a place where these emerging technologies can be measured and researched. It will be a place where we can answer the questions: Does this work? How well does this solve the issue at hand? It will become, ultimately, a living laboratory.
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